Our Basic Nature
Our Basic Nature
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We are grateful to Charles Jarden and American Opera Projects, who provided workshopping support for Lucy in its earliest stages. The opera also benefited from two workshops, under the wise stewardship of Ben Krywosz, at Nautilus Music-Theater. Jocelyn Dueck served as music director throughout the workshopping process. Thank you to Annika Wilkowske for being our very first audience member.

Jill Anna Ponasik, artistic director of Milwaukee Opera Theatre, commissioned and produced the world premiere of Lucy. A huge thanks to Jill Anna for her faith in the project, her fearlessness, and her irrepressible passion for creating new music theater.

Special thanks to Robert Ingersoll, former employee of the Institute for Primate Studies and eternal friend of chimps. Bob was generous in sharing stories and images of his primate friends; his deep love and respect for these extraordinary beings profoundly affected all of us involved in the creation of Lucy.

For more information on how you can support Lucy, write to:

If you are an organization or producer interested in presenting Lucy, write to: lucytheopera@gmail.com

The team for Lucy would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for providing support for this project: